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JAS Architects is a client-focused architectural practice based in Derry / Londonderry. We combine creativity with an excellent knowledge of planning which is crucially important when delivering exciting & realistic designs for our clients. To date, throughout a 20yr career as a Chartered Architect, Jennifer has a 100% success rate in this area which has been crucial to the success of the practice.

JAS produce site-specific designs predominantly focusing on private residential projects.  Our ‘Rethink Your Home’ approach is wholly collaborative between JAS and our clients.  Lifestyle, brief & existing property entirely influence the design.  Each project & design solution is unique to each client & site. 

My Background

Jennifer studied Architecture at the University of Manchester & completed professional studies at the Manchester School of Architecture. She is a practising Chartered Architect registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Prior to establishing her practice JAS Architects, Jennifer worked as an Associate Architect in England and was responsible for projects in the private residential, commercial, social housing and care sectors. She returned to Northern Ireland where she worked on student accommodation in Scotland, high-density social housing & school projects throughout Northern Ireland.

Jennifer has excellent communication skills, and as a result, has prepared, participated & presented many Community Consultation events throughout the UK. Although it is always interesting to meet the end-users and neighbours of a site, the most interesting to date has to be working for a Housing Association in Oldham, Manchester. We presented our visual display in 3 different languages, including Urdu. We also understood our end-users and at detailed design stage ensured all toilets were angled at least 3 degrees off from facing Mecca. This client-focused philosophy has carried through Jennifer’s career and is evident within JAS Architects with her strong emphasis on understanding & getting to know her clients.

Get in touch today to find out how JAS Architects can help with your next project.

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